Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lou Reed’s death leaves dwindling number of rock icons | The Raw Story


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1963 G.E. RP1530 / RP-1530 Portable Stereo Turntable Manual

Click on images to view full-size.

My grandmother listened to Mario Lanza on this when I was very little.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Guitar Song: Facebook Blues

I just recorded a new song called "Facebook Blues" after a post by my friend Cande about not being able to load her friends list. It was recorded with Audacity 2.02- and I figured out a trick to get rid of the playback audio / sideband delay that was making vocal track recording a real bear. Mute the track you're recording, duh.

Of course I recorded it with my rose-red Strat, Rosalita...and a 4-watt First Act amplifier from Toys-R-Us, $30.00 and the size of a hard-cover book, so really portable for practice or impromptu works like this.

Here it is: http://www.whizzyrds.com/Facebook-Blues.mp3 - 320 kbps audio.

Rock on,


Friday, May 10, 2013

Great Practice Session...

...with my guitar teacher, Jon Ross.

We both tried out my new compressor / sustain pedal and loved it. I think he's hooked. Lol

We resolved that I should learn one new chord every lesson. He taught me an oddball B chord that sounds really cool. Then I played some improvised rhythm while he did some cool subdued lead.

I got a nice blister on my strumming thumb. Teach me to lay the instrument down too long.

I'm constructing a short portable 3-pedal board, I'll do pics when it's done. It's my own custom design.

Boogie on,


Sunday, May 5, 2013

I Just Spent...

...about two hours playing along to BB King's Bluesville on Sirius satellite radio down in the Dungeon. (Garage)

I think playing along to Bluesville is some of the best practice I've ever gotten. It still amazes me, but if I get the truck parked just right, it'll come in. I was having too much fun to record it. Bello and I got a fantastic workout.

Another thing I'm working on a short effects pedal board. I'm making it out of 2"x12"x24" pine. I'm planning to mount my Boss DS1 distortion pedal, my Cry Baby wah-wah, and a new compressor sustain pedal I just got on it.

I'll be staining the pedalboard in Minwax "Brazilian Rosewood" and using brass hardware on it. I plan to recess the pedal audio cords and power cords into the wood. Then I'll take a magnifying glass and burn some free-hand art in it on a sunny day. Final finish will be a clear gloss polyurethane in multiple coats. 

This will take me a few weeks to accomplish, but in the end, my three pedals will be much more portable.

Boogie on,


Friday, March 1, 2013

03-01-2013 Garage Band Jam At The Dungeon

Dan Stafford - Tenor Sax
Jon Ross - Guitar
Ron Jerak - Conga Drum

Instrumental Blues/Jazz/Rock fusion

Rock On,


Thursday, January 24, 2013

MP3 Version - Garage Band Take 2 At The Dungeon


Background noise cleaned out, amped down slightly.

Pure instrumental, Jon Ross on guitar, Dan Stafford on tenor sax.

Rock On,