Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cathy's 70's-themed Birthday Party And The Rest Of The Evening...

We had a blast at Cathy's birthday party. I think she had nine lava lamps, probably as many sprigs of lit fiber optics in color, color disco lights, 70's music with a dance floor, 70's band posters, (and Farrah in the red swimsuit) food, and open bar. It was in the wood-paneled basement of the local VFW post. Perfect! We danced our butts off. They even had a vircle dance! People were all dressed up too. One gal had on flower power bell bottoms. A guy had the white Saturday Night Fever dance suit, and the moves to go with it. What a Blast!!

After that, we came home and watched a Dr. Who episode. Then my Honey went to sleep, and I took my rose-red Strat Rosalita down to the underground parking garage for a test drive of my brand new Roland Cube 40XL amplifier.

Friggin' AWESOME!!! BEST. PRACTICE. SESSION. EVER. That amp sounds fantastic! He gets a name: Mario...after Mario Lanza, who my Sicilian grandmother (Noni) loved to listen to on one of those old suitcase record players.

I am just totally thrilled! What a super, super night...I am going to be itching to practice every day now!


Friday, March 28, 2014

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Nearly-Completed Pedal Board

Completed pedal board. The only thing left to do is mount about 8 circular rubber door stops underneath so I can set it down on concrete without damage to the brass.

Rock on,


Effects Pedal Board Concept