Saturday, September 6, 2014

Willie Nelson and Neil Young Come to the Aid of Bold Nebraska

Friday, August 29, 2014

In Two Weeks...

Electro Harmonix Micro Synth:

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Classic Albums Live Plays Beatles' "Abbey Road" 100% Live, Note-For-Note...

...with the exact same instruments and equipment the Beatles used to record the album: This is NOT about personas, backdrops, sets, outfits, or fluff. This is about the music, and nothing but the music. This crew played the entire album, studio-quality, for their first set. Not. One. Mistake. Their second set was a wonderful mix of Beatles' ballads and pumped-up psychedelic rocker tunes that had the audience up for a full-on standing ovation. Their encore consisted of my personal Beatles favorite, "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," AND "Twist And Shout." On the last song, the audience was dancing in the aisles. The warmth and richness of being able to hear every sound, combined with the studio-polished perfection was absolutely phenomenal. The only thing better for audio quality would've been being a fly on the wall in the studio for the last take as the Beatles recorded each song. 11/10, I shit you not. And only $45 bucks. My wife gets a total score for catching this one.


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cathy's 70's-themed Birthday Party And The Rest Of The Evening...

We had a blast at Cathy's birthday party. I think she had nine lava lamps, probably as many sprigs of lit fiber optics in color, color disco lights, 70's music with a dance floor, 70's band posters, (and Farrah in the red swimsuit) food, and open bar. It was in the wood-paneled basement of the local VFW post. Perfect! We danced our butts off. They even had a vircle dance! People were all dressed up too. One gal had on flower power bell bottoms. A guy had the white Saturday Night Fever dance suit, and the moves to go with it. What a Blast!!

After that, we came home and watched a Dr. Who episode. Then my Honey went to sleep, and I took my rose-red Strat Rosalita down to the underground parking garage for a test drive of my brand new Roland Cube 40XL amplifier.

Friggin' AWESOME!!! BEST. PRACTICE. SESSION. EVER. That amp sounds fantastic! He gets a name: Mario...after Mario Lanza, who my Sicilian grandmother (Noni) loved to listen to on one of those old suitcase record players.

I am just totally thrilled! What a super, super night...I am going to be itching to practice every day now!