Sunday, May 5, 2013

I Just Spent...

...about two hours playing along to BB King's Bluesville on Sirius satellite radio down in the Dungeon. (Garage)

I think playing along to Bluesville is some of the best practice I've ever gotten. It still amazes me, but if I get the truck parked just right, it'll come in. I was having too much fun to record it. Bello and I got a fantastic workout.

Another thing I'm working on a short effects pedal board. I'm making it out of 2"x12"x24" pine. I'm planning to mount my Boss DS1 distortion pedal, my Cry Baby wah-wah, and a new compressor sustain pedal I just got on it.

I'll be staining the pedalboard in Minwax "Brazilian Rosewood" and using brass hardware on it. I plan to recess the pedal audio cords and power cords into the wood. Then I'll take a magnifying glass and burn some free-hand art in it on a sunny day. Final finish will be a clear gloss polyurethane in multiple coats. 

This will take me a few weeks to accomplish, but in the end, my three pedals will be much more portable.

Boogie on,


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