Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I had Bello out at the park the last couple of evenings...

...and I played righteous as the Sun was going low in the sky.

I'm starting to get a better feel for smaller and more fluid movements of the keys, and believe it or not, finer-yet control of the reed. I learned a new vocal effect that puts an emotional, trembling warble in my sax's voice.

It's getting pretty chilly out in the evenings now, though. It won't be long until I'm stuck indoors.

Being indoors presents serious challenges now. I'm living in a high-rise condo buildin; last winter I was in a house. There's a third person now too. On top of it all, my hours have changed at work.

Also, my pocket recorder died. I'll have to figure out how to record with my phone.

Anyway, it's bed-time.

Thank You for reading & listening.


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