Saturday, November 22, 2008

Into The Void…

Into The Void…
I tumbled in the sea like stones and glass and shells,
Turning to sand at the shoreline,
Eaten away millimeter by inch,
Lost and out of control,
Thought that I’d been swimming.
There is no fighting the current,
The chop of a charcoal grey sky whipping water,
There is no golden goose,
There is only everyone around me swimming,
Afraid to stretch out a hand.
In the darkness of the beach the combers run in,
Silvered by the moon,
Boiling and dangerous – beautiful as time,
Entirely as deep as endless space,
What lives under the space between our ears.
Some say they have the Universe in their hip pocket,
But they haven’t spent a single day awake,
Nor ever seen the dawn rise in colored fire,
Bejeweled only to fade in an hour,
Like the shape of a cloud.
I put reed to lips and play and play,
The pearl keys and brass are fickle,
Cool to the touch like stone and stubborn,
Yet inch by inch I master it,
Until I swim away.
By: Daniel A. Stafford
© 11/22/2008

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