Saturday, September 24, 2011

66 Sax: Shaman's Trek - New Song (Instrumental)

New Age Blues Sax - Tenor sax, Audacity echo-effect, pin-can percussion, C-harmonica, low-octave tenor sax overlay. This tune has a haunting yet smooth effect, like walking on a misty night in the fall.

Play on, and thank you for listening.


PS - poetry to go with the track:

Night Of The Pumpkin Mystic...

Walking the Hollowed Hills on a thin-misted night,
Stars glitter in and out of view,
Shadowed trees reach dark limbs,
Leaves rustle underfoot,
Dried grasses rustle the soft breeze,
Chills tingle spine,
Steps beat time,
Treading to the Underworld,
The place of pumpkins and candle smoke,
Where a faded flower dwells,
Seeking whispers and secrets,
Seeking the roots of time.


By: Daniel A. Stafford
(C) 09/24/2011

Side note:

Kind of interesting how I did this track - I used a program called Audacity, which is free online. The program has numerous effects, and can record numerous multiple instrument tracks. There are actually two tenor saxophone tracks, a c-harmonica track, and a "pin-can" percussion track. (Meaning that the percussion is literally an empty paint can full of colored plastic stick-pins.) I went through and cleared noise and adjusted volume level on each track, then added echo to the high-octave sax track. The result, as you can hear, comes out kind of "spacey" and yet smooth. I'm planning to start practicing some traditional Christmas songs soon, then I'll try doing some effects to spice it up, and see how it goes.

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