Friday, August 6, 2010

Blues Cruise By The Dashboard Lights...

Blues Cruise By The Dashboard Lights...

Tenor Sax solo for poem (3-minutes, 19-seconds MP3)

I'm rolling down the highway in my mind,
Even at zero,
Put the Satellite on channel seventy-four,
BB's Bluesville station,
Let that harp wail,
The night is graced by Aurora Borealis,
Twinkling stars and old memories.

The guitar leads me down memory lane,
An old friend or two I'd not mind a minute with,
A gal I wish I could catch up with just to see,
How did life turn out, Tree?

I hear the saxophone down low under it all,
At the root of the world,
Maybe low C,
And I get lost in time as street lights roll by.

The windows are down and summer glorious,
I turn up the volume as I roll into the city,
Blues City,
Big Windy,
All the better to push my reed.

So long Sister Blue,
The stars are winking,
It'll all be alright,
I'm cruisin' the Blues tonight.


By: Daniel A. Stafford
(C) 08/06/2010

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